il futuro

How will the future remember you?
By something you say, something you do,
something you build, something for the ages to behold.
Set in stone, or wrought in bronze,
sticks and twines, or paper in folds.
Maybe the future is just open meadows,
endless, undulating, and sanguine,
or maybe, the future is
only an intangible projection of your imagination,
part reality, part imagination still.
Whatever the future you imagine,
give a face to your imagination,
torso, limbs and hips,
give it a voice to speak in,
a melody to sing out,
a mind to ponder about,
philosophy for it to feed.
Give your future a heart,
to keep ticking at,
and choices for it to decide upon.
Give your future the wings to fly,
and hope to hold on to.
Give your future the space to grow into
what you had always imagined.
Whatever you do, never stop on your imagination,
never ever give up on your future,
brick by brick, each stone in place,
raise your future from the ground
lest the future never knows,
the ground it was raised on.