il futuro

How will the future remember you?
By something you say, something you do,
something you build, something for the ages to behold.
Set in stone, or wrought in bronze,
sticks and twines, or paper in folds.
Maybe the future is just open meadows,
endless, undulating, and sanguine,
or maybe, the future is
only an intangible projection of your imagination,
part reality, part imagination still.
Whatever the future you imagine,
give a face to your imagination,
torso, limbs and hips,
give it a voice to speak in,
a melody to sing out,
a mind to ponder about,
philosophy for it to feed.
Give your future a heart,
to keep ticking at,
and choices for it to decide upon.
Give your future the wings to fly,
and hope to hold on to.
Give your future the space to grow into
what you had always imagined.
Whatever you do, never stop on your imagination,
never ever give up on your future,
brick by brick, each stone in place,
raise your future from the ground
lest the future never knows,
the ground it was raised on.

Salt and Pepper

This world is made complete
in its polarities
north and south
cancer and capricon
spades and hearts
fairy tales, heavy metal
desire and aversion
walls holding light
darkness falling apart
chaos seeking decorum
the disillusionment
in method
sleep burning fuel
wakefulness firing dreams
all world’s a stage
and on the table
is one such world
salt and pepper
pepper and salt
this world complete

this world is all
we’ll ever hold
this all tangible
make believe
this state of
trance stumbling
over decisions
preoccupied with subterfuge
prejudiced, perplexed
to the point of paranoia
restless reasons
running to a renegade
the point of no return
the point of
no tipping over
only the emptiness
to float into
until everything
is acceptable
its all happening
and all at once
the universe
stars getting consumed
watching over
taking aim
mutating microbes
schools of fishes
climbing trees
laboratory mice
and here we are
part culture
part savage
running on our scripts
aggregated on natural selection
craving, fulfilling
going home to
our beliefs
going to
our temples
sitting down to
our humble meals
exercising choice
yet ending up
with only as much
salt and pepper
pepper and salt

this world is all
we will never be
we seek black
and white
imagine blue
but to all appearances
all we are
is turning grey
a feeling yellow
a sisyphean
neon vision
that will
eventually be replaced
by a different
shade of
we are
the gods
in our obsession
to details
we arrive, observe
and pronounce
we aim for
the absolute
our thought is
our speech is prophetic
if only our actions
could show up
to the occasion
if only there maybe
a truce between
expectation and reality
if only compromise
was a virtue
if only forever
was a destination
if only life
were shore and surf
no secrets, no serendipity
life cut out in
whole measures
predefined, prescribed
to the point
of austerity
square pegs
and square holes
modesty served
in eternity
pulverized, dissolved
salt and pepper