Silence in Sounds

the cosmos comes
together in a sparkle
a tumultuous hurray
of sinking spirits
unfurling wings
a rising spectre
breathing flames

artillery fire
tumbling into
the primal pit
where mutiny was
first conceived and
given shelter to until
it was it’s own persona

a blinding light
disorienting senses
put to bed
and in it’s stead
the climbing flames
the diabolic
humour, passion, misery
blowing flares

slurry speech
like molten wax
climb the walls
crawling across the ceiling
falling drops of absinthe
on seared tongues
the busy motorways of dogma

this moment
a supernova
exploding on your face
radiating eminence
the devil
has found the one
who now for him
will wield the mace

dense rising fumes
that billows and bleaches
at the innards
and has no escape
for such steam
is only for the devil to
smoke his fishes
and fumigate
his toenails perhaps

yet the man has
an urge
a necessity to
show his smoke
even though
a rather beta to the
original fumes within
however with which
he may draw rings
from the mouth
and tell the world
the stuff of his dreams
and peel powerful
images of dusting ash
off his knees
to play god

over this world
a deafening silence descends
stifling, swallowing
the days
laying them out
upon the beating
of a metronome
the cold breath of the devil
watching over
the speech
of the tongue-tied
voiceless whispers
the silence in sounds


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